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It’s late. It’s early. The sun is shining. It’s pouring down rain.
It’s the weekend. It’s Monday.
It really doesn’t matter. The point is, you’re hungry.

Whether you’re new to Bellingham or a lifetime resident, there is likely a handful (at least!) of restaurants you’ve yet to try.

Behold, BellinghamEats.wordpress.com. A new website brought to you by two local twenty-somethings who love to eat, and want to share the details of their favorite spots with you. Listings are categorized by price range (Cheap Bites and Date Night), making it easy for you to streamline your searches, and quickly locate an eatery that falls within your ideal price and palate range.

Here’s how it works: Each page provides a list of applicable restaurants (Cheap Bites designees run roughly $10 or less per meal, those beyond that fall into our Date Night category). These lists provide the name, address, and type of food served at the restaurant, as well as a link to their own website (if they have one). If you’re curious about where we’ve been eating recently, check out the Reviews tab.

We’re always looking to add new info to our site, so if you hear about a new spot that you don’t see listed, let us know! Feel free to shoot us an email at bellinghameats@gmail.com.